Canada Ranks 14th on Social Progress Index Ranking (2018)

Did you know that Canada ranked 14th on the 2018 Social Progress Index (SPI), with a score of 88.62 out of 100? That’s the highest out of the top 10 countries with the world’s largest proven oil reserves!

Here are the rankings for these nations. While looking at the index results, try to keep in mind this question... where would you like to get your oil from?

Top 10 Countries w/ World’s Biggest Oil Reserves & Social Progress Rankings ‘18

#1 – Venezuela (unranked)

#2 – Saudi Arabia (85th)

#3 – Canada (14th)

#4 – Iran (88th)

#5 – Iraq (unranked)

#6 – Kuwait (unranked)

#7 – United Arab Emirates (45th)

#8 – Russia (60th)

#9 – Libya (unranked)

#10 – Nigeria (114th)

Social Progress Index Ranking 2018 Saudi Arabia vs. CanadaThe Social Progress Index is formulated through a collection of social and environmental data which points towards just how well a country provides for the social and environmental needs of its citizens.

This report is published by a US-based non-profit group called the Social Progress Imperative in attempt to quantify a country’s economic performance using data related to social and environmental performance.

How the SPI Works...

The three main categories it uses to rank each country and subcategories (with Canada’s individual scores) include:

Basic Human Needs – Canada’s Score: 94.56/100 – 20th overall

  • Water & Sanitation – 92.52/100
  • Nutrition & Basic Medical Care – 98.44/100
  • Shelter – 97.76/100
  • Personal Safety – 89.52/100

Foundations of Well-being – Canada’s Score: 90.25/100 – 16th overall

  • Access to Basic Knowledge – 97.65/100
  • Access to Information & Communications – 90.02/100
  • Health & Wellness – 84.37/100
  • Environmental Quality – 88.96/100

Opportunity – Canada’s Score: 81.05/100 – 9th overall

  • Personal Rights – 95.74/100
  • Personal Freedom & Choice – 88.21/100
  • Tolerance & Inclusion – 70.83/100
  • Access to Advanced Education – 69.43/100

A Measure of Good for Human Rights & Environment

Why is Canada’s top 15 ranking on the SPI so important, you might ask? Get an idea of what the SPI is all about from the about us section on its official website:

"We dream of a world in which people come first. A world where families are safe, healthy and free. Economic development is important, but strong economies alone do not guarantee strong societies. If people lack the most basic human necessities, the building blocks to improve their quality of life, a healthy environment and the opportunity to reach their full potential, a society is failing regardless what the economic numbers say.

The Social Progress Index is a new way to define the success of our societies. It is a comprehensive measure of real quality of life, independent of economic indicators. The Social Progress Index is designed to complement, rather than replace, economic measures such as GDP."

Green groups protesting pipelines and essentially Canadian prosperity fail to see the bigger picture. Land-locking Canadian crude simply benefits nations that do not have the same level of human rights and environmental protection in place.

If you care about peace, progress and prosperity, you should support Canadian pipelines. Oil produced in Canada is a win for the global environment and a win for Canada’s future prosperity!

Canadian Pipeline Delays = Third World System

Oil Demand is Growing

Increasing oil demand is not stopping, nor will it anytime soon. Today, the world needs 11 million more barrels per day than it did back in 2010. Meanwhile, in the past few years that demand has risen above expectations at over 1 million barrels per day with the same growth expected for many years to come.

Who should be the one to provide the world with that rising demand? Canada, or the world’s other top oil exporters? Who would YOU choose?

Learn more about Canada’s Natural Resource Industries here.

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