Bill C-48 Ignores Canada’s East Coast + World Tanker Activity [Photos]. Why?

What is Bill C-48? In short, it’s a piece of legislation that will absolutely destroy future opportunities for Canada's oil and gas industry to export oil by banning petroleum tanker traffic off the coast of British Columbia.

This ban extends from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to Alaska, shutting down any opportunities to export oil to international markets other than the United States (Canada's only customer, who buys >99% of our oil).

This bill means no to potential energy infrastructure projects like the Eagle Spirit Pipeline which is led by a large group of First Nations looking to benefit from the development of Canada's natural resources.

It also means no to thousands of families in Western Canada and across the nation that rely on oil and gas to make ends meet.

It’s a big no to increased tax revenues that help our governments pay for things like schools, hospitals, roads and everything in between.

A more formal, detailed version of what Bill C-48 is saying no to, straight from the Canadian Parliament’s website:

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10 Reasons Why the Natural Resource Sector is Important for Canada

Just how important is Canada’s natural resource sector to Canadians? Very, very important, to say the least, even for those who may not work in the sector directly (see more below). But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s some recently released statistics from the federal government that show exactly why Canada's natural resource sector is critical to the national economy and overall prosperity.

Also see: Canadian Natural Resources are Good for Canada + the Global Environment

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Oil Sands Action on Twitter: Best Tweets & Retweets (March 2019)

Are you following us @CanadaAction or @OilSandsAction on Twitter? If not, we’d love to have you! We use this platform to spread a balanced and informed conversation on Canada’s natural resource sector, regulations / policy and other factors that affect out nation's overall competitiveness. These factors all play an integral role in our nation’s economic well-being and prosperity.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s okay! Not everyone does, which is why we’re compiling the best of our tweets and retweets at Oil Sands Action below for you to read. You can also visit our Twitter page to see them in a format that may be more friendly for your mobile device or computer.

These accounts, like our own, will give you information and insight into both national and international events related to the backbone of our country's prosperity - natural resources - as well as an overview of Canada's overall competitiveness on the world stage in terms of business, resource development and more.

Here’s Oil Sands Action’s best tweets and retweets for the month of March 2019:

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Canada Action on Twitter: Best Tweets & Retweets (March 2019)

Twitter’s a great platform for spreading whichever message you choose. At @CanadaAction and @OilSandsAction, we use it to keep our followers up to date on what’s going on across the nation and the world in natural resource development and how Canada compares.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s okay. It’s why we’re posting all of Canada Action’s best tweets and retweets in these blogs. If you do happen to have a Twitter account, we suggest following these accounts! They share great information and stories related to our overall message on Canadian energy, natural resources and economic prosperity.

Here’s all of Canada Action’s best tweets and retweets for the month of March 2019:

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What Can a Single Barrel of Oil Make?

Oil has been getting a lot of attention these days. That’s especially true in Canada, a country which seems to be one of the only places in the world where it’s next to impossible to build a pipeline, all the while world demand for this "black gold" continues to grow every year.

Since 2008, the Tar Sands Campaign has effectively labelled any and all Canadian oil as the “black swan” of energy supply. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We often see these anti-oil, anti-pipeline “environmental” groups who are part of this campaign against ONLY Canadian resources and prosperity rallying in remote locations. To do so, they use petroleum products such as gasoline, plastics and vehicles to chase their goals of shutting down our natural resource industries completely.

It begs us to ask these protestors a few important questions:

Do they know just how many everyday objects and uses there are for petroleum products?

Do they know just how intertwined our high quality of life and standard of living are with oil and gas?

The bottom line is we should all have some appreciation for the opportunities oil and gas provides us with at home in Canada and across the world.

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Canada’s Natural Resources Include Plenty of Fresh Water

Canada has a long list of different natural resources found in abundance throughout its provinces and territories. Oil, for example, is found in vast amounts in Alberta, with the world’s third largest recoverable reserves - or about 10% of the world's total share.

Minerals are another natural resource found in abundance in Canada. A few examples: Canada ranks 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the world for production of potash, uranium and platinum group metals like nickel, for example.

Perhaps the most important of all of Canada’s resources (essential to life) is its fresh water. Here’s some interesting facts and a great photo relating to fresh water in Canada.  

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BC LNG Canada - 10 Frequently Asked Questions (+ Answers)

After the $40 billion British Columbia LNG Canada mega-project was approved by investors last year, there’s a lot of questions out there about what, when, where, why and who.

Here’s some frequently asked questions (and answers) that many people have about the project:

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Oil Sands Action on Twitter: Retweets (February 2019)

Twitter is an excellent way to broadcast your message to the world. In our case, we use our duel Twitter accounts @CanadaAction and @OilSandsAction to convey our message which supports Canada's highly transparent, regulated and environmentally responsible natural resource sectors and overall economic success.

If you don't have Twitter, and don't plan on getting an account anytime soon, that's okay! Not many people are interested in Twitter, which is why we are sharing all of our retweets on Oil Sands Action's below. If you want to check out more of our regular tweets, however, be sure to check us out on Twitter (link above).

If you do happen to have Twitter, however, we recommend you follow some of these accounts we've retweeted seen below (if not already). These people and organizations are great sources of information if you're looking to stay informed and up-to-date on recent events related to Canada's natural resources and overall economic prosperity.

Here's all of Oil Sands Action's Twitter retweets for the month of February 2019 (and some of our best own tweets too!):

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Canada Action on Twitter: Retweets (February 2019)

Twitter is an excellent platform to broadcast whatever message you choose. In our case, we use our Twitter accounts @OilSandsAction and @CanadaAction to spread a balanced and informed conversation about Canada's natural resource sectors, bad government policy and other factors that play an instrumental role in our nation's overall economic well-being.

If you don't happen to have a Twitter account and don't want one, that's okay. We post all of our retweets on these blogs for you to check out at any time. We also have a lot more tweets that we don't post because, well, we tweet a lot. If you do want to see more of our regular tweets though, be sure to check us out on Twitter (link above).

If you do have Twitter, however, we recommend you follow these accounts (if you haven't already). They will also keep you up-to-date on developing stories related to the message that our group is bringing the discussion on Canadian pipelines, Canadian energy and Canadian prosperity.

Here's all of Canada Action's Twitter retweets for the month of February 2019:


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Does Ontario Benefit from Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry?

The short answer is yes! But who’s in for short answers nowadays?

In today’s current climate of misinformation and fear mongering about Canada’s natural resource sector, most of which has been spread by foreign-funded “environmental” groups who only oppose Canadian energy, the whole truth needs to be told in a descriptive and well-sourced way.

One of those truths is that Ontario and the rest of Canada's provinces benefit immensely from the oil and gas industry, which is active in 12 of the 13 provinces and territories. In Ontario's case, many service and manufacturing jobs are created indirectly as a result of activity in the oil and gas sector.

For now, we’ll keep our sites focused on Ontario, but stay tuned for more articles showing how other Canadian provinces without direct oil and gas exploration and production activities also benefit when our natural resource sector is strong.

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