Farming in Newfoundland & Labrador: 15 Facts

Did you know that Newfoundland and Labrador is home to over 400 farms, and of these, nearly a quarter are vegetable and melon producers?! Who would have thought that the Atlantic Province, as remote and cold as it can be, is a considerable source of agricultural products for Canadians. Needless ...

100+ Petroleum Products Used in Outdoor Leisure & Recreation

How does petroleum make outdoor leisure and recreation possible? It’s a good question, and one that we should all consider as many of us make trips out to the great outdoors for activities and events. Whether hiking in the beautiful forests of British Columbia or sailing along the stunning coast...

Mining in the Yukon: 15 Facts, History & More!

Eagle Gold Mine - Victoria Gold Corp. Did you know that mined goods represented 96.7 per cent of the Yukon’s total exports in 2021? This figure alone makes it easy to see just how massive a role the mining sector plays in the economic success of the Canadian territory. The Yukon has a longstandi...

Energy Sector to Generate $112 Billion for Canadian Governments in 2022-2023:...

A new report by RBC Capital Markets estimates a significant financial windfall for Canadian governments through our local oil and gas industry in an era of now-higher commodity prices and improved profitability.

Aquaculture & Farming in Nova Scotia: 25 Facts

Did you know that farming and aquaculture have both played an enormous role in the history and economic development of Nova Scotia? Since the earliest days, the Mi'kmaq First Nation communities have practiced aquaculture in the Atlantic province. Today, Nova Scotia's aquaculture sector is thrivin...

Food Shortages Highlight Need for More Canadian Agriculture on Global Markets

The world needs more Canadian resources, there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Not only is there a global energy crisis, but food shortages are also running rampant, according to the World Bank’s latest food security report (1).

Canada is Part of the Solution to the Global Energy Crisis. What Are We Waiti...

Amid a global energy crisis deemed worse than the oil crises of the 1970s, Canada seems to have forgotten about its vast petroleum reserves, which, if unleashed, could help stabilize energy markets and improve energy security worldwide.

The World Without Canada: Watch This Documentary!

Have you seen The World Without Canada on your streaming service or cable television? If not, we suggest you put it on your watch list!  

Canadian Forestry Infographic: Facts, Figures & More

Forestry products are all around us. Whether it be in the walls of your home, the chair you’re sitting in, or even your pencil, the sheer amount of manufactured goods we use that are made from wood can easily be taken for granted. Without Canadian forests we would not only miss some of the best ...

The Global Energy Crisis May Worsen, Canada Must Be Prepared to Help

A global energy crisis has gripped nations worldwide, and it may get worse before getting any better. Families are being hit by huge price hikes, businesses are shutting down over unpayable energy bills, and elected leaders are struggling to tackle high inflation.

Supporter Spotlight: Kelly Ogle - July 2022

“Supporter Spotlight” features Canadians with a passion for Canada’s Natural Resource sector. Our spotlight this month is Kelly J. Ogle, CEO of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. We talk to Kelly about the importance of Canadian natural resources and energy security.

Renewable Energy in Quebec: 15 Facts

Did you know that Quebec is a global leader in renewable energy?! Home to a vast network of lakes and rivers, the province utilizes its freshwater resources to power the lives of millions of Canadians and Americans. In 2016, for example, Quebec generated 99.8 per cent of its electricity from ren...