Alberta’s Oil Production on the Rise in 2018

Canada Action - Join UsOil production in Alberta has increased alongside rising global oil demand. Canada’s provincial economic powerhouse produced 238,000 more barrels per day in the first 8 months of 2018 than it did over the same time frame the year before.

Extraction is also on the rise. Since 2010, Alberta has gone from producing under 2 million barrels per day up to more than 3.7 million barrels a day as of August 2018. That’s quite the jump, but not a surprise considering that global oil demand is expected to grow nearly 12% by 2040.

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$40 Billion British Columbia LNG Project Approved!

Good news, Canada! Construction is set to begin on the $40 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) project located in northern British Columbia.

This massive project, which represents the largest energy investment in Canada’s history, is expected to bring huge economic benefits to both the province and nation through increased private sector revenues, employment opportunities and government revenues.

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How Much Greenhouse Gas Emissions Do Pipelines Emit in Canada?

A lot of people wonder just how much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are created by mid-stream components such as pipelines. In Canada, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) sheds some light on this topic.

According to the latest data from 2014, you might be amazed at just how little skin Canadian pipelines have in the grand scheme of things.

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Supporting Canada's Natural Resource Industries One Tweet at a Time (Oct. '18)

Supporting Canada's natural resource industries (oil and gas, mining, forestry, etc.) is extremely important not only for our current economic prosperity, but for that of our future as well!

Twitter is one place where Canadians can share their thoughts, feelings and emotions with others on current world events. It's also a great platform to share the facts just for general knowledge AND to counteract the mis-information that has been spread about Canadian industries like the energy sector, for example.

Here's Canada Action's retweets for all of October 2018. We recommend you check them out and give these people a follow on Twitter. The more we can all spread the message on social media, the more informed Canadians will be about just how important natural resources are to our economy!

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WCS vs. WTI – What’s the Difference? A Big One for Canada…

If you follow the discussion on Canadian energy and the economy, chances are you’ve heard about the record setting price differential between Western Canadian Select (WCS) and the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark.

This discount on WCS has a profound effect on Canada’s economy; millions of dollars in government and private sector revenues are lost every day. You see, WCS is the main blend of heavy crude that Canada sells to the world. So, without access to other markets than the USA, Canada really has no choice.

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Texas Pipelines Full Steam Ahead While Canadian Pipelines on Hold Indefinately

In Texas, millions of barrels of new pipeline capacity is under construction to get their oil to market. According to Bloomberg, major Permian Crude Pipelines projects currently underway include:

  • Gray Oak – Complete in end of 2019 – 700,000 – +1,000,000 bpd
  • EPIC – Complete in 2nd H of 2019 - 440,000 – 675,000 bpd
  • Cactus II – Complete btw 3rd Q of 2019 – April 2020 – 585,000 – 670,000 bpd
  • Permian-Nederland – Complete in mid-2020 - 600,000 – 1,000,000 bpd
  • Permian-Gulf Coast – Complete in mid-2021 – 1,000,000 bpd

These are just some of the pipelines that will help increase shipping capacity to refineries off the Gulf Coast to meet rising global demand for oil.

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The Oil & Gas Industry is Active Across Canada

Did you know that 12 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada have an active petroleum industry stimulating the economy within their respective boundaries in some way or another?

These companies are using goods and services in many regions throughout the country, making the exploration and production of oil and gas truly a national industry.

Here’s some quick facts on the oil and gas industry across Canada – you might be surprised as to how much the provinces and territories other than Alberta are involved in this precious industry of ours!

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Canada is a Leader in Renewable Energy Production

Canada is a world leader when it comes to renewable energy investment and production. It’s not something that you hear about often in Canada, but it’s an important message to get out to the national and international communities.

Check out these 12 quick facts about Canada and renewable energy:

Canada is the World's 2nd Largest Hydro Electricity Producer

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Canadian Natural Resources are Good for Canada & the Global Environment

As the second largest country in the world, Canada is fortunate to have an incredible diversity and wealth of natural resources which play an important part in its high standard of living and national economy.

For example, Canada’s mining, forestry and energy industries are responsible for creating both direct and indirect economic benefits such as capital investments and job creation across the country...

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Canada’s GHG Emissions & Energy Use: Industries & Households (2016)

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been a topic of hot debate in Canada as of late, especially when it comes to new pipelines and carbon taxes.

To shed some light on energy use and GHG emissions in Canada, we delved into recent articles released on The Daily at Statistics Canada and found some interesting data for 2016.

Reduced GHG emissions were made across all industries except for one, while all but two managed to reduce their total national energy consumption.

Here’s some of the key points taken from the report Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by industries and households, released September 7th, 2018:

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