Canada's Petroleum Industry: By the Numbers

Are you wondering about the facts when it comes to Canada’s oil and natural gas industry? There's been a lot of misinformation put out there about Canada's energy sector in the past several years... it's important that both sides of the discussion are heard and that the benefits of oil and gas in Canada are well known!

Here’s 25+ quick facts that will get you up to speed on the importance of this industry to Canada AND the world as a whole:

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First Nation Chiefs Show Support for TMX Project

Did you know that there are 43 aboriginal communities who have signed contracts called Mutual Benefit Agreements (MBA) with the Trans Mountain expansion project, valued at more than $400 million?

This includes a majority of the First Nations along the route – 10 in Alberta and 33 in British Columbia. In fact, about 80 percent of the communities within close proximity to the pipeline support the project.

It’s very important that as Canadians we look at the big picture and are listening to all sides of the discussion. We cannot forget that there ARE in fact many First Nations whose communities are located along the pipeline’s route that want to see this project happen!

Here’s a few quotes from First Nation Chiefs who support the TransMountain Pipeline Expansion:

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Who Does Carbon Pricing Among the World’s Top Oil Exporters?

Only one of the world’s top 10 oil exporting nations has carbon pricing initiatives – Canada. If you aren't familiar with which countries are the world's top exporters, here's a list (WTEx, 2017):


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15 Things You Didn't Know About Canadian Pipelines

Pipelines have been a hot topic of debate in recent years in Canada. While most of us have a good idea as to what they do, there’s many things you probably didn’t know about pipelines in Canada.

Check out these 15 interesting facts on Canadian pipelines (sourced from CEPA), some of which you may have had no idea about!

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10 Household Items You Didn't Know Were Made from Oil

You might have an idea as to how much petroleum is a part of your daily life. I mean, the gas in your car and the oil in its engine are a given, right? But what about those products made with some petroleum-derived material that aren’t the usual suspects?

I mean, who would of thought that the crayons your kids are using to scribble in those colouring books are made from paraffin wax, a substance created from petroleum? What about the lipstick you just put on, or that which you have on your cheek unknowingly after a kiss from your mom?

Depending on the brand, that lipstick could have very well been made using mineral oil or petrolatum, both of which are by-products of refining crude oil to make petroleum products such as gasoline.

These are just a few of the every day items we use as consumers that we might not think or would suspect are made from petroleum. What others are there?

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OP Ed: "Why it's almost impossible to have a rational conversation about pipelines"

"The spokesperson for a gaggle of eco-friendly, sustainable-energy types had a counter-intuitive message for B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan. Support the damn oil pipeline."

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SnapChart – Oil and Gas in the Canadian Economy

Activists Need To Take The Time To Understand What They Are Opposing

As I said I would in my last post, I attended the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX) Ministerial Panel Public Open House. Also as promised, I gave my presentation. I then sat through four hours of activists talking about why they don't want TMX. I detail my experiences at my personal blog but want to share the highlights of my post-presentation experiences here.

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Bjørn Lomborg's Opinion on Wind and Solar

Solar and wind are taking over the world. We hear it all the time.

Only it is wrong.


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Trans Mountain Must Be Built

There’s so much energy-related news happening these days in our country - some good and some bad.


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