Post Coronavirus: Let’s Unite Canada for the Sake of Our Country

Post Coronavirus: Let’s Unite Canada for the Sake of Our Country

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic we’re seeing a heightened sense of community across our country, with Canadians showing through action that their attitude is one of “we’re in this together,” and have a strong resolve to overcome COVID-19 in the same fashion.

Just take a look at these 40+ Good News Stories from Across Canada where people from all walks of life are helping each other at any opportunity.

These individuals are donating without expectation of anything in return, volunteering their time to help those in need, and expressing concern for the health of their neighbour - and in some cases, complete strangers, but who are Canadian nonetheless.

We can all learn from these incredible acts of unity being displayed across the country, that a Canadian in need is a Canadian in need no matter their political stripes, where they're from or work they do.

Will You Support Canadian Unity?

Today, several special interest groups and environmental organizations are calling on the federal government to exclude certain industries – and essentially workers - from receiving financial assistance.

We shouldn’t have to explain the absurdity of such an organized campaign designed to exclude critical sectors of our economy and hundreds of thousands of Canadians who work in them from financial aid that other employers across Canada are actively seeking.

We all would do well to remember what unity can accomplish for our country as exemplified by the strong will and determination by frontline and behind-the-scene workers across Canada.

Because a Canadian is a Canadian. It doesn’t matter what province you live in, where you come from, or what job you work.

That’s why we ask that you read this open letter penned to all Canadians and consider joining us in a unified movement post coronavirus by signing your name. Our country needs it!

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"Dear Canada,

COVID-19 has impacted all of Canada.

Millions of Canadians face the stress, uncertainty, and enormous emotional toll of unemployment, financial insecurity, and threatened health. 

In true Canadian fashion, thousands have stepped up to serve our country, in ways large and small. Proudly, many more will find new ways to contribute.

Millions have volunteered to help our vulnerable, to support local businesses, to keep Canadians healthy and working. Millions more have learned to reconnect with friends and families, found new ways of showing community spirit, discovered ingenious ways to learn, work and have fun. 

We have set aside the polarizing arguments that were fraying our regional seams just a few short weeks ago, pitting community against community, province against province, Canadian against Canadian. 

We have set aside our differences to focus on our common values, goals, and welfare. 

We have replaced taking our quality of life and our fellow Canadians for granted, with profound appreciation for each other and the work every Canadian does. 

Canada and Canadians have changed. We will never be the same.  

Having changed, we, the undersigned, call on our leaders and fellow Canadians to join us in a united national commitment to these three calls to action: 

#1- Champion #TeamCanada by working together to protect our people, our planet, and our prosperity and by celebrating our similarities and our differences, not exploiting them. COVID-19 does not discriminate, and nor should COVID- 19 aid. We will not abandon our vulnerable.  All industries, all regions, all Canadians must be valued, appreciated, and supported in their unique challenges through this crisis. All Canadians in all industries are equally deserving of and in need of the aid our government provides.   

#2 - Be #StrongerTogether by putting Canadians back to work as soon as possible, creating bold new legacy projects that showcase Canadian cooperation, innovation, and leadership. COVID-19 recovery will require unprecedented action. Getting our economy going will depend on working together to get major projects throughout all sectors approved as quickly as possible, to get as many people back to work as possible. 

#3 - #BuildCanadaUp not by excluding Canada’s Natural Resource employers, but by assisting them - the nation’s job creators, in any financial aid package to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to continue moving forward with the progress we as Canadians are making on sustainability. Canada’s natural resource sector works hard supplying energy and materials to meet global demand.  What would it mean to exclude the energy sector from financial support? It means 500,000 jobs fade to black as the enterprises fail and 500,000 families lose their means of financial support.   

If there’s one thing that defines our Canadian character, it’s simply this: We’re connected by a will to survive against adversity. In short, we’re in this together.

If you agree, please sign your name and pass this along to elected officials, colleagues, friends and family!

Join us.  Sign your name. Take Action.  Be the Change."