Trans Mountain Must Be Built

There’s so much energy-related news happening these days in our country - some good and some bad.


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What Could Have Been: Missing out on $50 billion in investments

First Nations Fight for Pipelines

Failed pipeline projects and LNG facilities only satisfy one group: the green NGO’s. The only winners of blocking Canadian oil and gas exports are other oil and gas exporting countries.

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Hydraulic Fracturing supported by officials in Nova Scotia municipality

Buying Canadian could save eastern refineries millions, says CERI study

Refineries could save $210 million per year and more than 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide

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The Potential Pitfalls of Electric Cars, in 5 Charts: Via Wired

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The Raw Materials That Fuel the Green Revolution

Write Your MP - Stand With Canada Action!

Let me be very clear about social media; we’re strongly committed to it as a way for Canada Action to speak to Canadian citizens like you and your colleagues, friends and family.

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Fact Checking Euractiv - False Information on the Oil Sands

For the last few weeks we have been attempting to get a publication to check their facts. We will now post our correspondence that has been ignored multiple times.

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